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If you have any questions about your InFocus product or need help, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can use this contact form or call us at the hotlines below.

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GB/IR: +44 800 0286470

Sverige: +46 20 791251

International Number: 00 8000 463 6287

(toll free service number)

Pickup service

Pickup service

We regret your device is defective. We need some information to supply you with a replacement or repair your device and ask you to provide it in the following contact form. You will then receive a collection voucher from TNT, which will then contact you to arrange a time and date to pick up your device.

Please package the defective device in such a way that it cannot suffer any further damage in transit. If our service center discovers upon receipt of the device that it has damage indicating the cause was inadequate packaging in transit, we must return your device without repairing it.

Warranty at InFocus

Warranty at InFocus

InFocus Corporation ("InFocus") offers a limited two-year warranty (3 years on some products) on projectors (excluding lamps) and displays.

The warranty period for LCD engines is either one year as of the date of purchase or 2,500 hours of projector operation, whichever occurs first.

Duration of the limited warranty for lamp articles: Unless the maximum lamp hours are exceeded (, the originally installed lamp has a six (6) month limited warranty from the date of proof of purchase for the projector. All replacement lamps have a six (6) month limited warranty from the date of proof of purchase for the lamp. Replacement lamps purchased at the time the projector was purchased have a six (6) month limited warranty from the date of first use, unless the maximum lamp hours as specified in the product description have been exceeded.

Duration of the limited warranty for accessories: Ninety (90) days from the date of proof of purchase.